Make outsourcing a successful option with software review, proven process, and management oversight. Leverage resources to increase the productivity of your blended team.

What We Offer

  • Integration into the design, develop, test cycle to prevent bad code getting into the source code repository
  • Expert software review to ensure coding standards and adherence to Product Requirements Definition (PRD).
  • Review of tool sets and process for managing feature development, bugs, and source code synchronization to ensure project success.
  • A customizable management effort to oversee the process to ensure that the delivered outsourced code fits your budgetary and functional constraints

Third Dog provides software reviews for projects that have outsourced development and need careful review of the resulting code before inclusion in an existing code base. With the growing number of outsourcing firms, and the competitiveness among them, code is often created by teams that employ only a few experienced engineers overseeing the majority of inexperienced engineers. The resulting code may meet the specification of the contract in terms of functionality, but its performance, maintenance, and extensibility characteristics leave much to be desired. Third Dog can become part of the design-develop-test cycle by reviewing code that is delivered before it is checked into the source code repository.

Third Dog can provide a highly-technical review of the software, with specific recommendations for software changes in the areas such as memory usage problems, constructor issues, dangerous coding constructs, performance issues, initialization problems, and adherence to design specifications or Product Requirements Documentation (PRD). Third Dog can also supply an analysis of the coding quality, adherence to current standards for the particular language, usage of language constructs, and best practices implementation.

Third Dog has performed software reviews and oversight for both outsourced projects and internal projects that lack resources to perform the reviews. Whether it is running scrums and managing sprints through Pivotal, or working with JIRA to design dashboards and projects, Third Dog Software can give your team the tools to manage the process or get involved directly with hands-on management. Third Dog specializes in the review of C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Perl, Python, SQL and noSQL, PHP, shell, Makefile, awk, sed, and many assembly languages running on all Windows variants, Linux variants, Unix variants, and Apple OS X.

We would be happy to talk with you about your current or planned projects and how we may assist you. Third Dog Software offers services both at your site and at our offices.