Use our software architects to design, implement, refactor, and performance tune your complex software. Expert design consultation can avoid implementation and maintenance issues in the future.

nodeJS, Angular, React, WebGL, DALi

Third Dog Software is constantly working with clients who are pushing new boundaries with leading-edge technologies. We have experience building, testing, documenting, and deploying apps in these areas and look forward to talking with you about your latest projects.

C, C++, C#, Java

Third Dog Software has extensive experience in all aspects of C/C++/C# and Java design, implementation, performance tuning, and testing strategies. We offer the following professional services:

  • Consulting on architecture and design
  • Implementation services, including re-engineering, co-development, and branch development
  • Feature additions and verification for existing applications
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Performance tuning existing applications
  • Interfacing to custom hardware or web applications

Ruby on Rails

Third Dog Software has extensive experience in developing, and maintaining, Ruby on Rails applications. We have designed sophisticated applications and services using RoR for customers ranging from document management and transformation to financial services.

Cloud Services

Third Dog Software has extensive experience helping clients optimize their costs and performance using AWS (Amazon’s cloud service) and Microsoft Azure. Architecture decisions, combined with cloud experience, can significantly reduce your ongoing software services costs. We can taken advantage of all the services a cloud platform offers, or design hybrid solutions where only a portion of an application’s footprint is stored in the cloud.


Third Dog Software focuses on the following areas of expertise for embedded databases, including noSQL databases like Berkeley DB, MongoDB, WiredTiger, along with MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite. We offer the following services:

  • Concurrency analysis of the effects of the database locking algorithm on your application
  • C, C++, Java APIs at every detail
  • Debugging crashes and hangs
  • Application building and integration (debugging shared library woes)
  • Performance tuning, including design, implementation, and tuning parameter considerations
  • Designing backup and recovery procedures
  • Custom changes to database software (although we know ways to get around many existing issues without code modifications)
  • Knowledge transfer to ensure successful future projects

Image Processing

Third Dog Software has expertise in all aspects of image processing and provides professional services as follows:

  • Consulting on architecture and design of image processing applications
  • Development of custom image processing algorithms
  • Analysis and feasibility review, including software and other factors, such as lighting and sensor positions
  • Implementation of applications using image processing libraries
  • Design, implementation, and testing of machine vision applications
  • Design and implementation of image database systems
  • Performance tuning and re-engineering of existing image processing applications to meet throughput specifications
  • Feature additions and verification
  • Interfacing imaging applications to custom hardware, such as frame grabbers, sensors, vision processors, and other software packages, such as LabView